Edo's Journey 9 - Moment of Indecision

It was a whole day. Mitzy could barely sleep at night, with Edo missing from the camp she slept only with Tigz. It was still nice to have someone with her, but it still did not feel right. She stirred at any sounds that camp from the camp, hoping that he would return, but eventually she rose to the light pouring into the tent. She got dressed and walked the perimeter of the camp to see if she could see Edo and the others. After some time, still nothing.

Only after she turned back to finish packing up the tent, did she hear a high pitched combination of squawking and chirping. She and many of the others ran to look and saw The Avatar racing at a break neck speed towards the caravan. People were all starting to talk and look around, no one else was with him. As Slizzath moved to slow the bird he realized that it was not going to stop. He had to dive out of the way to avoid being trampled by the massive bird. It continued to tear through the camp, knocking over a couple of the tents that were in his path. After he reached the other side of the caravan did the bird stop, look behind it with a fearful look and then collapse in utter exhaustion.

Mitzy ran over to the bird and many others followed. “What happened! Where are they?” She looked back at the jungle, seeing if any movement stirred through the path created by the fast moving form that was Archibald when he disappeared yesterday. Still nothing. She looked at the bird, she did not see any visible wounds aside from a few cuts and bruises. Maybe from racing full speed in the jungle she thought.

Kreed came over at one point and looked at the bird for a moment. His face unchanging, he just looked at Buckles and gave the orders. “Pack up and move out, we have a schedule to keep.” Buckles immediately went to work, shouting the orders and getting the group leaders their tasks. Mitzy ran over to Kreed. “They could be in trouble! We need to send someone to help them!”

Kreed was not surprised and just looked down at her. “Listen, there is two things that could have happened out there and both options have no reason for us to send help. They are either already dead, and sending more people would just cause the same fate.” He paused for a moment, letting it sink in just a bit before continuing. “Or the far more likely option is that they are off on one of their tangents and will be back much later. It is very unlikely that all of them would not return if some of them died so I would bet on the latter. They know where to find us, and we have too much work to do here for us to place worry in things or people we cannot control.” He rested a hand on her shoulder just barely before continuing. “He would not want us to worry about them, and would want to make sure we got all of these people to safety. You know that.”

Mitzy thought about it for a moment before looking out into the jungle once more.

Edo's Journey 9 - Moment of Indecision

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