Edo's Past (Level 1) - The end of Naximander

Here is where I die, bleeding in a ditch. I was bruised and still had an arrow in my side, I did not even have the strength left to pull it out. How did it all go so wrong so quickly? I could not even focus, the tears and pain clouded everything that I tried to focus on. I just sat, slumped trying to piece together what happened after that explosion.

It was supposed to be a simple job, kill a few guards, kidnap the girl and then turn her to our employer for a huge reward. Our employer, a cloaked man that we’ve worked for before… I can’t remember his name. The pain surged through me again, keeping me from staying on it for long. The plan worked perfectly, in and to the girl. Then some sort of drug to put her into a magical sleep to make it easy to move her. Then the flash came. Oh gods, my friends. I was guarding the hall when it happened, they were inside when the room exploded. I remember laughter, then pain. I ran as fast as I could. Out of the building, to some sort of horse seller, and out of the city on a horse. It was a blur, shouting and screaming everywhere. Maybe it was me screaming, I don’t remember.

Then the arrow hit, and I could not hold on, the horse was moving too fast and I had no balance. Into the ditch I went. As a small pity from the gods, they must have not seen me, as they continued following the horse into the night. It must have been hours since then, I can’t tell the time, I’ve been fading. Thinking about my life and how quickly it was over. Adel, Hobal, Atima where gone, the only people I cared about, were dead now. I don’t remember, I can’t remember their faces anymore. Why did this all happen? I should have died in that room, I should be with them now. I don’t know where I am anymore, I cannot see the lights of the city from here. I could just stay in this ditch and become some animals meal. No, I think it is time to face another fate.

If any of the gods can hear me, give me the strength to get back to the city. I’ll make sure to die like a man. Maybe I can rest easier then. I pulled all my power from the small bit left, and after an eternity got onto the roadway. I looked towards the city, it was a blur. I could not make it out, but I did see the lights. Before I moved, I heard a horse approaching. Thank the gods, the guards have returned, I’ll have my death finally. I could not turn to face them, my body did not even hurt anymore, just felt the stinging sensation of numbness as if I had just slept wrong. I saw light around me, not from a torch though. I could feel that light, it fought away the numbness. For a moment the pain returned, but then I felt whole once more. I was healed? It only hurt a bit, but I could now turn my head. I saw a figure, in armor of white and gold. She spoke to me, I did not understand. The words still sounded muffled, but I think she was making sure I was alright. I couldn’t let this happen, I was to die today, I deserved to die. I turned up to her and with the tears still streaming and mustered whatever voice I had.

“Please woman, I am a terrible person. I have done terrible things. I have nothing left to live for, my friends are dead, and I have caused much death in my lifetime. It is time that I be put to death.”

I think I got to her, she paused for a moment and then put her hand on her side and drew something from a pouch. A waterskin, she was giving me water after I told her all of that. I couldn’t stop her, I was still too weak from the ordeal. I drank from it, and afterwards my mind started to clear. She spoke again, and this time i understood her.

“What is your name?”

“Jalal Naximander.” Even with the renewed strength, I still did not sit up. Waiting for her to grant my wish.

“Then Jalal Naximander, you will have your wish granted. I am a paladin of Abadar and justice is my life.” She pulls out a longsword and holds it above her head.

I did not even move, just stared into her eyes. I was ready. Her sword dropped down towards me and I shut my eyes. I then opened them again, and the sword was resting near my neck.

“Jalal Naximander, you are now dead. This body that remains here, this now belongs to Abadar. You have committed many sins according to you, and I believe those words. This body will be what atones for those sins. Are you prepared to spend this new life, atoning for the deeds of your past one?”

I was stunned, I did not know what to say. Something in her words however, gave me a strength. Her eyes were boring into some part of me that I did not know existed. I could only say one thing.

“I will.”

Edo's Past (Level 1) - The end of Naximander

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