Edo's Past (Level 2) - The quick path to retirement

“Where is he? Where is the one that entered with your master?” I punched the guard before he could even answer, just to make sure he got the point. It’s been too long since he’s been gone, he definitely gotten himself into trouble. This guard will be talking shortly, I can see the dark spot appearing by his legs.

It was a small but easy job. Hobal has been speaking to many of the merchants that have traveled into Katapesh in this most recent caravan. He has found a rivalry from two of the higher merchants, Sadar Fatim, and a Krinippos Panagou. We presented the offer to both, with different people of course, that we could help “convince” the other to leave town. We would get paid, and also get a nice bonus in the way of anything we could take from the merchant. Krinippos bit, and Hobal made sure he was the only one to speak to him, just in case we can also get an offer on him. So he has never seen anyone except Hobal… for now I imagine.

“Don’t hit him too hard, you don’t want to kill him like his friend there.” Atima placed a hand on my shoulder and just gave a half smile. She maneuvered behind the guard I was holding, stepping over the slashed body of his friend to get to the door. She looks out it for the moment and signals back, “Nobodies coming, we have all the time we need.”

“Excellent, so me and you have plenty of time to talk. Isn’t that nice?” Before I could hit him again he finally broke.

“Please! I have kids, I’ll tell you everything! It was a trap, they knew that your friend was a traitor. Our master Sadar told us to be on the watch for you three.” He started crying a bit before continuing. “They are in the main hall, you already took the key from Lir… the other guard there.”

“How many guards are in the main hall?” I kept my fist up, ready for any lies.

“Twelve, and about two on the balcony overlooking the dinning area. Please, let me go! I know nothing more!”

“Then you are no longer useful to us, goodbye.” I gave him a hard punch. I could have slit his throat, but the last thing we need is more street rats running around. Atima merely exchanged a simple look, but I could tell she preferred a dead witness, to a live one. Once we deal with the master of these guards, the money to pay them to find us will be gone as well.

“Alright, ideas my desert rose?” I looked over to her, still watching Adel from his spot across the courtyard. “Yes, they want to catch us, and they are waiting all nice and in one spot. I say we don’t disappoint them. Lets make sure we send them a very warm welcome.” She looks over to the other door which marked simply as storage.

A few moments later, we were both wheeling up two barrels of lamp oil toward the main hall. Adel joined quickly and helped us move the barrels to the doors. “Are we not worried about our friend? Do you not think he’ll burn the same?”

“This is the only chance at distracting all the guards without putting ourselves in danger.” Atima spoke out, keeping her eyes on the task at hand. “They will be focused on the fire far more than our friend escaping. Also, we will take out our mark in the process.”

It took only a few minutes, but with all of the guards on the outside taken care of, and all the ones on the inside preparing for an ambush, we were able to set up quickly. Atima grabbed some rope and began climbing to the outside of where the balconies would connect to the main hall. Adel and I barricaded the door and waited with flint and steel in hand for her signal.

“There is it Jalal, start the fire and lets join her!”

With that, I set fire to the lamp oil and it quickly spread up the walls. It would not burn down the stone work, but the fine silk rugs and tapestries would get the fire well into the merchants home. We climbed up and Atima had already slit the throat of the guard stationed there.

As we had expected, chaos had ran through the guards, and the master merchant was barking orders to stop the flames. We saw Hobal tied up near the main table, but looking closer saw that his ropes were not tight, and his hands were free. Adel saw his opportunity and immediately put two arrows into Sadar, and the merchant was no more. Hobal in this instant sprung from the ropes and quickly ran towards the one we had let down. The guards still moving in a panic, only one noticing our rope and was quickly put down before he could react.

Hobal finished climbing and I reached a hand to him. “You owe us friend, this is going to cut into our profits.” I looked at him with a smile.

“So you don’t wish to know where he is hiding his fortune, the one that is located outside of this flaming building? The same stash that I managed to obtain a key from our gracious host?” We all just looked stunned for a moment, how could he?

“Forget collecting that bounty, after this show we should leave town. If we’re quick, while the city deals with the fallout of this merchants poor luck, we should be able to get in and collect enough to buy our own hideaway island. Best part, is it is near the docks, so we will have a nice get away!” He started leading us out the back, and we all followed.

Edo's Past (Level 2) - The quick path to retirement

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