Edo's Past (Level 3) - Cleansing the Mind

It’s been a few months, I have been spending most of in a cot or at a library. I felt a new fire inside, one that burns away the old me. I have been given a second chance by Dhalhria and by Abadar and I do not intend to waste it. I can tell that she is not popular in the church, I can overhear the talks of the other priests and the much younger paladins disagreeing with her choice. They do not act on it, but I must prove that I can be saved, for Dhalhria. I now study hard the teachings of Abadar, most of it simple such as following the laws of the lands and allowing civilization to grow everywhere. I see however, that the paladins of Abadar have some extra materials, such as no slavery and fighting to change the more corrupt and evil laws.

When asked my name, she told me to give them the name of Edo. When I asked why, she mentioned it to be the name of her mentor that started her on the path of paladinship. She would not tell me more saying it would complicate things, and I did not press since she has done so much for me already. She would supervise most of my training personally, maybe due to the pressure she was under from the church, but I would not argue. I was able to talk with her openly about what I was, and allow her to meld me with the experiences she had already faced on the roads. We did not do much training in battle, as I had most of the basics already down, tactics were the bigger part of our battle training. How to reduce risk of traveling merchants, and keeping yourself between the strongest enemies and the weakest allies.

The biggest part of my recovery focused on what happened that night. Whatever happened, I could not recall any of the details. I knew that we got to the girl, and gave her some sort of magic medicine and then an explosion happened while I was guarding the outside of the room. We tried herbs and probing magics but somehow those memories are locked up. This worried the priests, and if it worried Dhalhria she did not show it. Once a week we would try again, and each time the memories burned in my head. I felt them there but something was holding them back. I asked about what the news said about that night and she just shook her head. No bodies, but reports of a group of terrorist exploding the room that the young girl slept. It worried me that there was no bodies, as I knew we killed some of the guards on the way up. I could only wonder who was covering up their mess? Was it the cloaked employer?

Dhalhria told me not to worry about it, and that I should focus on my training. They already have people investigating the scene and would report to her when they find out what happened. She reminded me that my only responsibility is to Abadar’s will and to ensure that he succeeds on this world. I nodded and continued my training. I intend to pay back all my sins, and I will keep that promise to her.

Edo's Past (Level 3) - Cleansing the Mind

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