Edo's Past (Level 4) - Too Good to be True

It took over an hour to cross to the other side of the city. The guards were out in full force, and even though many were at the site of the burning merchant house, there were far more guarding every part of the city. Everyone who crossed paths with a guard during this time met with a harsh shakedown and interrogation, one that none of the group wanted to deal with. Even some of the back alleys had guards searching for the culprits. Luckily they did not have a face to the crime yet, but the goods they swiped from the merchant could give them away quickly.

“Just a bit farther, and we’ll have our fortune.” Hobal whispered to us, “We must keep low when we arrive, he mentioned that this fortune was guarded with his best.”

“That would explain the ease of us getting into his manor, I heard rumors of his personal guard and all of them scary.” Atima whispered back, as we continued moving through the streets. “I can only imagine what he wished to protect that was worth over his own safety?”

It was not long before we made it to the warehouse, we sat outside waiting for Adel to finish his circle around the building to see what kind of entrance we would use. “Hobal, you sure this is not some kind of trap?” I asked him, “He was able to catch you once, do you think this could of been a back up?”

He smirked, “Any trap that involves your own death to set up would be foolhardy, or a move of a mastermind.” Looking around a bit more before continuing, “That merchant did not seem the vengeful type, and one that values his life above all else. Which is why this has got to be something good! Something worth using his most powerful guards to keep safe.”

Adel returned with a worried look. “Nothing, nobody.” He waited to let that sink in. “There is still light in the windows and some sort of room in the back I could see that was closed. There are still plenty of crates but without the guards, I wonder if they caught wind that their master was dead and took it for themselves.”

“Still, it may be worth checking if this treasure is large, they might not have be able to carry it all before retreating.” I was hopeful, but maybe we could still salvage something from this run.

Within minutes, we set up a plan and moved in, it did not take long with no guards about but we were still careful to watch our steps to avoid another trap. It was as Adel said, not a soul in this warehouse but still something worried us. It did not feel empty. We had an uneasy feeling and searching through the crates we found some goods here and there worth a bit, but nothing that would seem to be the “Treasure of all treasures”. After a full sweep, we all stood at the sealed door in the back.

“Careful, stand behind the boxes while I look at this door. Any surprises and I want you all to support me.” Hobal said as he moved his lock picks from his hiding spot in his collar. To his surprise, the door was not trapped nor locked. “Stay hidden, I’ll look in.” He opened the door slowly.

“It took you long enough friends.” A voice called from the door as Hobal opened it. He jumped back with a blade ready at the side. “It was a trap!”

“No no! This is no trap, but another offer.” The voice quickly called out, his voice was strange. It seemed to carry very well for being a hushed tone. It gave everyone an uneasy feel, but we relaxed slightly.

“Then speak, and speak quickly.” Hobal still had the dagger ready, but then opened the door fully for the group to see in. A cloaked man was sitting on a large and ornate chest. Also in the room was quite a few sacks of coins, hopefully more gold than copper. The cloaked man had a black robe, with some sort of embroidery on the edges that none could recognize but looks fancy enough, maybe a wizard.

“I know what’s in this chest, and I will tell you that it will disappoint you. I have come up with an idea that will benefit us both. This treasure needs to be placed at a certain position. These bags on the walls are all filled with gold, and I will give you two thousand more once this mission is done.”

Hobal looked back, and Atima just shrugged and looked at us. We all nodded and then Hobal spoke up, “Alright, what choice do we have. Lets hear the details.”

The man moved from the chest and opened it. Inside was an unconscious man! He looked like the son of one of the most powerful men that was lost over a year ago from an expedition south.

“This explains why his personal guard was not at the manor! This would cost not only his life if someone found him, but every one who knew or worked for him.” Hobal blurted out. “Speaking of which, where is that guard? Did you take care of them?” Looking at the cloaked man.

“They will not bother us anymore. I need you to take this man through the city, and bring him to the man who runs the Snake’s Den.” We all have heard of that place, and Atima has actually been there. They deal with high profile people, usually in favors, loans, or even in ransoms." They will help get Karvon here back to were he belongs. “You do this for me, and you’ll be able to retire, but you continue to work for me and you will have a future unlike any other.”

We knew the risks, but after our botched mission we knew we needed the money to get away from the city.

We accepted.

Edo's Past (Level 4) - Too Good to be True

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