ETC Meeting Minutes - Erastus 4720

ETC Meeting Minutes

Date: Erastus 1st, 4720

Steward of Record: Fara’ji M’Kibwe

Attendence: Archibald Hogwood, Naximander Edo, Drianus Strootman, Xelas Whisperwind, Balbas Auron, Jessyca Du’Chagnye, Jurin Kreed, Rupert Buckles, Gunter Stonecutter, Maggy “Mags” Duncan, Moe

Old Business:
1. Attempts to raise a force to aid in liberating Utonga’s people were met with little success

  • Marshal Buckles and Justicar Auron report a schism in the free Zenj peoples with two groups led by Abioye Sabura and Imani Masego
  • Utonga left to save his people after initial attempts to raise a force were met with failure

2. Verderer Moe and Sage Duncan gave a report on the prospects of the alchemical herbs and the potential for future

New Business
1. Slizzath was appointed to the position of Constable to be under the authority of Justicar Auron

2. Established communication with the Ginsi Tribe of Halflings

  • Tribal Leadership was found to be interred with Utonga’s people north of the ruins of Madoro and rescued

3. Abioye Sabura and Imani Masego both spoke to the council on the behalf of their peoples

  • Abioye Sabura supports the eradication of the Bekyar
  • Imani Masego is less eager to risk the lives of her tribesmen to help known slavers
  • After brief deliberation, the decision was made to attack the Bekyar
  • Marshal Buckles will continue to develop the

4. Territory expansion north and east of the previous territorial gains.

  • Verderer Moe will look into developing new gains for farmland.
  • Expansion of territory towards the theorized breaktrhough point of Alkenstar as well as development of land around Lake Madroro are the likely areas for future expansion

5. Space will be set aside for development of a common area for merchants to set up shop and Master Builder Stonecutter will work on developing better housing for the permanent populace of Haven.

6. An expedition will be funded to explore the land to the south and west of Haven for future expansion ventures

7. Rescued Nexian nobility spoke with council and offered their friendship

  • An escort will be provided to return the nobles to New Limit

ETC Meeting Minutes - Erastus 4720

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