First Impressions

Our group isn’t too large, but seems full of interesting characters:

Archibald Hogwood, he is some kind of magic user other than that he’s good for a laugh. he looks kind of out of place out here but has held up surprisingly well so far.

Naximander Edo has to be some kind of holy champion. Seems nice enough but has a big mouth, when I went for some assistance from the priest he decided to tell him all that happened when he just needed to know I needed help. Also, despite all that armor and big sword his training seems to be lacking in several key elements. He looks like he’s trying to chop a tree down with every swing.

Fara’ji M’Kibwe is a very knowledgeable fellow. I am not entirely sure why he keeps getting sent with us on scouting missions though. The knowledge is good, but he seems almost as out of place as Archibald.

Xelas Whisperwind knows his way around out here, I am glad somebody does. Seems a bit overly cautious to me but so do many of the others.

Balbas Auron, helpful sort, a healer with some divine power. I am not sure I agree with everything he says sometimes though.

Gunter Stonecutter the dwarf has gone on several scouting missions with me as he seems to be our go to for mining site, go figure a dwarf knows about mines.

Jurin Kreed interesting fellow, but hes is paying the bills so I am here to watch his back.

Jessyca Du’Chagnye strange woman, talks a lot and doesn’t seem too concerned about anything. I am definitely not sure about her traveling companions.

Jim Lost supposedly can see things others can’t. All I ever see him do is stare out into the jungle and giggle. I wouldn’t be too surprised if he ends up dead or killing someone. You can never tell about people who see things.

Mitzy “The Beater” Pinkle seems like the classic small person with a chip on her shoulder. Very loyal to Jessyca but seems much saner than Jim.

Maggy “Mags” Duncan she seems to know about poultices and other concoctions. Gave me some drugs that were almost good enough to keep me from all that monkey madness the other night.

Rupert Buckles same old Buck.

Slizzath the Green seems like a good sort for a lizard man. He grew up among another race like myself so we may have more in common than it appears.

First Impressions

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