Giant Spiders and Witch Doctors

There we were, prowling through the jungle in the way to scout out the Bekyar. Now when I say prowling, most of us were fairly quite, Edo, on the other hand sounded like an army unto his self. It was no wonder we were ambushed.

It came out of nowhere, a giant mass of what looked like webbing. I think it caught most of us, I couldn’t make out the others. I could hear Fara’ji casting his spells, and felt the power of Xelas’ prayers wash over us. I mad my way through the webbing to the other side where I could hear Archibald’s summoning going off. I think the webbing was designed for larger people than me as I could move around it with ease.

I stopped just inside the webbing and saw Archibald surrounded by Bekyar. He maneuvered away from them and between his eagles and I we quickly dispatched them. In the middle of the fray I saw a net fly at him and burst into flames upon impact. A monstrously huge spider descended from the trees and a witch doctor came out and cast some kind of spell at Archibald who froze immediately. I ran towards the witch and confronted her, I told Xelas to help Edo, since I had not seen him yet, but Edo yelled to help me. The witch tried some spell on me but I resisted, suddenly I was surrounded by a net. I managed to slide out but the witch had moved away from me. Xelas soon peppered her with arrows and Fara’ji had besieged the spider with a ball of fire. I moved next to the spider while trying to hold off the net thrower who had moved up with a trident.

The spider left an opening as he tried to stop Fara’ji and his ball of fire and I drove my sword into it’s head. he net thrower was down soon after. We ran over to see what was happening with Edo on the other side of the web and he was in two nets on the ground and looked severely beaten. I stabbed another of the net wielders and I must of hit him in the spine because he seized up and quit moving. The other two natives bolted away when they realized reinforcements had come. Our ambush at the hands of the Bekyar was over.

Giant Spiders and Witch Doctors

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