Gravity of the Situation

I am worried about our expedition.

It seems what might have been a blessing could be a curse in disguise. The curse/blessing is the individual lives of 352 people.

That is the amount of slaves we have “acquired” through our actions in the mine. My gut reaction is to free them all but I fear the backlash of letting that many slaves free at once may cripple the city or lead to their own demise.

If we free them and they decide not to go with us we have gained nothing but have lost nothing other than time. If they all decide to go with us, we will most likely lose more time immediately but gain it back in the long run. We have not been the fastest moving group through the jungle with the people we have now and adding that many more to the group will most likely slow us down even more. Once we arrive at our destination, wherever that may be, we will surely be glad for the extra hands.

Will we even be able to get all of these people to our final destination? We have all seen that this jungle is a dangerous place and so far we have been able to avoid some of the dangers by being a small group on the move but making our group 23 times bigger makes us a much larger target. Some of the people will undoubtedly be able to fight but others will be children and others old or infirm.

I fear for the safety of these people no matter what is decided for them.

Gravity of the Situation

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