It seems to me, that every time we get started on a course of action we get distracted.

This is very frustrating to me, I do not like to leave a job unfinished.

First we have to wait on the army to recover before we go after the goblins. So we decide to go and speak to the Zenj tribe north of the lake. While on our way there we were beset by a giant cloud of bloodsucking diseased insects! We tried running from them but they followed us straight to a Zenj Farm. For reasons unknown to me Fara’ji jumped off his horse to fight the bugs, I decided staying away from them was more important. Through some combined efforts we were able to disperse the insects but my companions seems to have caught some horrible disease from them. So before we can figure out the problem here and help these people we have to turn around and go back to Haven for a cure.

When we got back to Haven we were told our Blood Ruby mine was shut down because something was attacking it. Now I believe that we should get the mine back up and running I think helping these poor Zenj not die might be a little more important. Unfortunately I was outvoted and we set off for the mines.

When we got to the mines we set Edo out as bait since whatever it was seemed to attack people all alone. We were attacked by several scorpion like creatures and after the big flying one tried to fly off with Edo we managed to subdue the beast. It spoke of a master and an arena where people are forced to fight to the death. Some of our rangers are missing so they may have been taken to this arena. This creature offered to take us to it but our group wanted to go back and take care of the Zenj problem. After a few words with me expressing my desire to help our people over the Zenj, it was decided that Edo would head to town and put a net over the tube the bugs were coming out of while we wait here.

So this is where we are now, waiting of for him to come back.

Will we ever finish anything?


The Empire Cidwin JacksonL