Joining up

The small bar was full of smoke and noise as the large man entered. The proprietor hurried over, “Can I help you sir? Would you like a table or a seat at one of the gambling tables?”

The large man’s scarred face looked slowly around the room taking everything in as he seemed to ignore the man talking to him. After a few moments with the proprietor wringing his hands he spoke, “Is this the only room or is there a back room?”

The Proprietor looked even more nervous, “Yes, there is a back room for a higher stakes game.” Eyeing the large ax across the large man’s back, " Are you looking for someone in particular? Please understand we do not want any trouble here, if you are searching for someone I can make an inquiry for you in the back room."

The large man began walking to a door in the back of the bar before the proprietor had even finished his last sentence. The proprietor went outside to summon his bouncer.

Entering the back room the large man looked at the people seated at the table. Taking it all in he stepped up to a halfling with his back turned to the door and placed his rough calloused hand firmly on his shoulder. “Stroot, you’re coming with me.”

Immediately there was a flash of metal and a small rapier was pressed against the large arm and the halfling was facing his unknown adversary. The others at the table were beginning to gather up their belongings and eyeing the door.

A smile broke out over the halfling’s face as he recognized the large man, “Rupert! By Desna’s luck I never thought to see you again. What are you doing here and why do I need to come with you? I was just about to relieve these folks of their hard earned money.”

Rupert looked down at the small pile of coins in front of Stroot and coughed. “Drianus, things in our shared past are coming back around and I do not think either of us should be here when they do.”

“Well, what do you have in mind?”

“A job, caravan work with a lot of money behind it.”

“If you vouch for them good enough for me”, Stroot began gathering his things up.

They left the bar and began walking down the street Drianus turned to Rupert and asked, “Well Rupe, where are we headed?”

“The Mwangi Expanse.”

Joining up

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