Monkey Shine

Buck, I tell you something strange is going on out there. That jungle is a crazy place.

I left the rest of the scouting party to fend off a second front of the monkeys. They led me into some kind of trap, the monkeys scattered when three large apes came out to get me. Trust me I gave as good as I got but a fourth showed up and clobbered me from behind. I guess that is always a possibility when you go off on your own. I knocked one down but they were slowly wearing me out and they finally knocked me down again. I don’t mind telling you I thought I was finished.

Three bloodthirsty apes standing over me as I tried to get back up but my legs were made out of rubber. As I collapsed back down I could see one of them lifting both arms lifting to smash my head in, when I heard a roar and something just as large barreled into him. I could barely keep my eyes open but some kind of fight ensued. I saw apes fighting each other and, now this is the strangest part, but I swear I saw a small child back in the jungle watching the fight with another ape that seemed to be making most of the noise.

Unfortunately I blacked out and when I woke up there were only two apes left in the clearing. I felt much better and some of my wounds had been bandaged. The apes didn’t seem immediately dangerous so I spent my time gathering up my things, which all seemed to be there except for my boots.

As I left the clearing the apes seemed to follow me. Soon enough I realized I had no idea where I was going so I started to climb a tree to see if I could get a better view. As I did one of the apes began climbing under me and lifted me off the tree and placed me on his shoulders and climbed to the top. I could just barely see the edge of the jungle from my precarious perch. He climbed back down but didn’t put me back on the ground but began walking in the direction I wanted to go. Soon the other one came up beside and I stood and put a foot on each of them, this seemed to work but they were picking up the pace so I grabbed a low hanging vine and looped it around them like a bridle.

They brought me straight to the camp and that’s how I ended here.

Monkey Shine

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