Walking through this city it is a wonder how many different items you can find. I would never have thought that a city in the middle of the jungle would have so many items from so many places.

I am looking for a weapon for one of our newest company members, Moussa. He seemed to have an interest in my blade as I freed him, but being a newly freed slave he obviously doesn’t have the money for so fine a weapon. This looks like a fine shop, I think I will look in.

“Excuse me fine sir, do you have any rapiers for sale?” He looks at me nervously, then spouts one of those gibberish language they speak around here. “Ugh, where is anybody when I need them.” I repeat myself in elven and halfling getting the same response I even try goblin, he looks a little taken aback at that.

I slowly pull out my rapier and a bag of coins, “I. Would. Like. To. Buy. One. Of. These.” The merchant shifts uneasily and looks from the rapier to the bag of coins. I am not sure how he expects to do much business without speaking the common tongue.

He walks into a back room for a second and comes out holding a small rapier, “There now your getting it.” I put my sword up and point to the rapier he has and hold my arms out as wide as they will go. “Yes. That. But. Bigger.” He offers the blade to me, “No.” I shake my head and hold my arms out again, “Bigger.”

He goes back into the back room again. He comes out shortly with a very nice looking human sized rapier. Unfortunately I had spent most of my coins already, “So, close.” I pulled 20 gold coins out of my pouch and pushed them forward. He seemed to get excited and gibbered at me again. I pointed to the sword and then to the 20 coins and shook my head and then pointed to the back room again. “Just. A. Basic. Rapier. Not. So. Fancy.”

He seemed to get a disgusted look on his face and walked into the back once again. Finally he came out with a normal blade, the scabbard was a little beat up but the handle had a new grip. I took it from him and pulled the blade. Definitely too unwieldy for myself but the blade seemed in good shape and had a good balance.

I pushed the coins forward and he quickly gathered them up. I waved goodbye and made my way outside, he seemed relieved to see me go, I wasn’t sad to leave either. That was the hardest single purchase I had ever made, I am not sure how he stays in business.

I made my way back to camp and handed the blade to Moussa, “Here you go, I hope it serves you well.”

Moussa looked at me, “Not very fancy is it? Well, it will have to do until I find something better.”


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