Strange Bedfellows

Edo, or should we call her Eda now?

I am not sure what happened but Edo was in Mort’s body and Edo’s body was dead. Yes, in a place of such magic as Nex death can be temporary. We brought Edo/Eda back but in what condition? I hope his/her soul is whole because her/his body is very different. A female gnoll, a very large female gnoll.

It seems like his/her new body is well suited for combat, not nearly as clumsy as her/his old body. I wonder which one (it?) prefers.

I kinda wonder what Mitzy and Tigz will prefer, once they are convinced it is Edo/Eda. I imagine Tigz will be excited because I doubt she has ever experienced a female gnoll. Mitzy may be the harder sell, but she will probably come around at some point, she owes her life to Edo/Eda and that is always a hard debt to forget.

Shudder, I just had a horrible thought. I hope Eda doesn’t want small men to sleep in her bed now.

Strange Bedfellows

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