The Crazies

“I’m telling you Buck, almost all of the others in the advanced scouting party are crazy.”

Buck looked at me as if he could decipher my meaning just by looking at me. He raised one eyebrow, “Are you sure you are not just paranoid? You guys have been through quite a bit together.”

“Let me take you point by point and explain.”

“First there is Archibald, seems like a perfectly fine fellow, entertaining, gregarious. Now look at him slightly more in depth, the other day he was swatting at and talking about bugs when there were no bugs around him. Even worse he insisted they were chanting about some Mwangi nature spirit. He seemed upset when nobody believed him, but what did he expect when nobody else heard or saw anything.”

Buck stirred the fire for a moment, “Are you sure he wasn’t just playing a joke on you?”

“Even if that were the case, why would you choose a joke that makes you seem insane?”

After waiting for a reply and getting nothing I continued, “OK , let’s say it was a joke, can you explain to me why in the world any sane person would choose a retarded dwarf as their only traveling companion when trying to find some missing people? I mean, that’s what Fara’ji did back in Kibwe. In fact have you seen him since?”

Buck sat chewing on something, “Well, maybe it’s not that he wants help but feels some kind of responsibility for this dwarf. Maybe he has a sibling or cousin or other relative with a similar condition. Now that you mention it though, I have not seen either of them lately.”

“Fine, maybe I can overlook his choice of traveling companions. What about Edo? He seems to be trying to see how many small women he can fit in his bed every night. Maybe not exactly crazy, but you have to admit it is just strange. It would be one thing if he was doing anything with them but I am pretty sure they are just sleeping there.”

“You shouldn’t judge other people’s taste in women, friend. No matter what they are seeking out of them. Have you ever considered maybe he’s a eunuch? Maybe he is used to guarding women and is doing the same here.” Buck looked at me with that same old stare.

“You have an answer to everything don’t you Buck? Explain everything away, but I don’t see you volunteering for scouting duty with them.”

Buck took a long swig of water, “Alright, well what is wrong with Xelas? You haven’t said why he is crazy yet.”

“The only strange thing that Xelas has done is lose the caravan that one time. I am not saying I could find it but he is our tracker. Then he said it was Desna’s will that we went that way. I am not sure if he made a mistake there or if he just wanted to check out that giant tree.”

Buck got up and started to stretch, “Keep in mind Stroot, the gods do work in mysterious ways.”

The Crazies

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