The Fourth Act of Friendship

I am not sure what we were thinking trying to speak with a bunch of cannibal slavers. For some reason even though Fara’ji told us they were slavers and cannibals Naximander thought we should treat with them. Of course Archibald wanted to talk he probably thought he could fot an extra meal in while talking to them.

Things started off cordially enough, they invited us to sit and introduced themselves, unfortunately none of them seemed to speak a civilized tongue luckily a few in our party could communicate with them. The odd thing is that there were only 5 of them when we had seen 30 of them previously. They said the others were hunting. I immediately worried about the caravan, and spoke to Xelas in elven about going back. After listening to a bunch of gibberish I grew bored and told everyone I was going to head back to the caravan.

I started off in the open but decided to sneak back to the caravan, Desna was on my side as I noticed a large group of the cannibals were hiding in the brush observing our position. I quickly made my way back to the caravan and found Buck, I began to tell him what was going on when apparently the negotiations had broken down at the other camp as a horn sounded. The savages jumped up and prepared to attack.

I yelled at Buck to protect the back of the caravan and I charged headlong into the front group. Slizzath jumped out to help me as the rest of the caravan came out to meet the threat. After a few moments of intense battle, in which I saw Slizzath destroy a couple of the savages, another horn sounded and they began to retreat. Someone called out, "No survivors. Slizzath and myself hunted down a few more of them but a few still got away.

Shortly after the rest of the scout team came back looking no worse for the wear. The cannibals had admitted to them they had left the girl in the jungle to die and since we had disturbed their offering they had decided to use the rest of our group as a new sacrifice.

The Fourth Act of Friendship

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