The Paladin Code of Abadar

- I will always protect the innocent, by helping them protect themselves where I can and stepping in personally where I cannot.

- I will always act with honor and honesty. I cannot truly represent my faith if people cannot put their faith in me.

- I respect all lawful authority and understand that different places have laws that I may not agree with, but work for those who reside within. If a law is unlawful, I will work to the best of my ability to show them a better law or way.

- I am a protector of the roadways and keep travelers from harm. No matter their destinations or goals, if they are peaceable and legitimate travelers who harm no others on the road, I will ensure that they pass safely.

- Bandits are a plague. Under my will they come to justice. If they will not come willingly before the law, where they can protest for justice in the courts, they will come under the power of my sword.

- Corruption in the courts is the greatest corruption of civilization. Without confidence in justice, citizens cannot believe in their countries, and civilization begins to disappear. I will root out corruption wherever I find it, and if a system is fundamentally flawed, I will work to aid citizens by reforming or replacing it.

- I am an aid to the markets. I ensure equitable trade between merchants and citizens. Theft on either side is intolerable.

- I make opportunities, and teach others to recognize them. When I aid others, I open the way for them, but will not carry them—they must take responsibility.

The Paladin Code of Abadar

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