The Pilgrim's Profits

Xelas’ Main Journal

Session Twenty-One – Time Misfits
Session Nineteen – Gnoll Tide
Session Eighteen – Scorpicornication
Session Seventeen – What a Friend We Have in Desna
Session Sixteen – Freedom Writers

Session Fifteen – Grave of the Stegopedes
Session Fourteen – The Lousy Bones
Session Thirteen – The Halflings Next Door
Session Twelve – The Birth of a Haven
Session Eleven – It Takes a Spirit

Session Ten – Boarillas in the Crypt
Session Nine – Quiet Jungle Town
Session Eight – It’s Mazani on the (Bekyar) Block
Session Seven – Gimme the Slaves, Gimme the Slaves, Gimme the Slaves Now
Session Six – Ephemeral Slave Time in the Sunless Mine

Session Five – We Don’t Need No Monkey Bacon, We Don’t Eat Chimp Casserole
Session Four – Lethal Webbin
Session Three – Saving Private Tarte’an
Session Two – New Limit Soldier
Session One – The Bloaterfly Effect

Session Zero – Down and Out in Oenopion

Meanwhile, Back in Haven…

Session Twenty-One – Tailor Made


Appendix II – Deities, Demigods, Supernatural Powers, etc.
Appendix IIICombat & Battle Logs
Appendix IV – Contacts
Appendix V – Organizations
Appendix VI – Empire Trading Company Human Resources

The Pilgrim's Profits

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