Well Bully for You!

I have an inherent dislike of bullies. Anyone who thinks it is acceptable to push people around just because they aren’t as big as you.

You may say it’s because I am a halfling.

You may say it’s because I was raised among elves and so was always the smallest person.

What it really boils down to is that I believe that if you are stronger than someone, then you have an obligation to protect them.

It came as no surprise to me that the other slaves would try to establish a pecking order with us as soon as we entered their home. What really bothered me was instead of trying to prove themselves to be tougher than Edo or Xelas they tried to pick a fight with Fara’ji. While I believe Fara’ji can handle himself in a fight using his magic he doesn’t strike the most imposing figure.

These dwarves had the opportunity to make their lives and the lives around them easier by taking new miners under their wing and teaching them about the dangers of the mines but instead they choose to find the weakest looking person and try to subjugate them.

I am almost happy they decided to try and kill us in the mine if that is how they chose to live their lives. I do not relish killing, I do like to fight because it is the ultimate test of ones own abilities against another’s, but killing is a last resort. That being said, no one will miss those particular dwarves.

Well Bully for You!

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