To be honest, i do not even remember why we left Haven.

This seems to be a very busy area of the jungle, it seems like there is something happening around every corner. I think we initially left to make friends with the halflings living near the lake. Before we ever got there we saw a large herd of dinosaurs. As we neared the village we saw they were being attacked. After driving the attackers away we found out their warriors had left to go to Kibwe and had yet to return. After I failed to convince them to move to Haven until their warriors came back we promised to see if we could fing out what had happened to them.

The first night away from the village our rest was interrupted by screams, unlike the last time we heard trouble in the jungle at night we headed out. We found a skeleton being ripped apart by white apes. The apes ran but the skull continued screaming, Edo decided to declare a holy war on undead and tried to smash the skull with a spear. I thought he should have used some kind of bludgeon to smash it with but he used his spear. Somehow the undead took control of Edo’s body and tried to run off with it. We subdued Edo’s body and tied it up. After some negotiations we agreed to try and help Morte get his body back.

Xelas tracked the apes back to their village. They spoke some jungle language and Edo told them that in exchange for giving us Morte’s limbs back we would escort him out of the jungle with him to never return. Unfortunately it turned out the jungle had other ideas as Morte was similarly cursed as Archibald had been and couldn’t leave. We took him to hang out with Kipenze until we could remove the curse on his ring. While there I decided to try out the evolution engine with great success! I am now a dark olive hue which I think will help me blend in with the jungle better, I also grew two small horns (not sure what good those are) and for some reason I can telepathically speak with Morte.

Oh, I forgot that when we got here there we had to chase of a few Bekyar who had tried to move in. Now we are headed to see the Bekyar forces and see what we are up against. Who new after all this time trudging through the jungle without too much happening this area would full of so many adventures.


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